Course overview

The course is designed for, and delivered in, a mobile environment.

We expect participants to almost exclusively use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, accessing the course using mobile web browsers and the official Moodle Mobile app.

Note that this is not an introduction to Moodle. It is for people who already use Moodle, and want to understand how to create outstanding courses for a mobile experience. If you are new to Moodle, please view our MoodleBites for Teachers course.

Here are the MOOC aims and objectives:

- Provide a real-world experience for teachers that is based entirely on mobile use of Moodle.
- Explore and explain the use of Communication, Resources, Activities, and media within a mobile Moodle setting.
- Encourage everyone to share and benefit from this amazing mobile Moodle experience.

Course outline

Preparation - This is a 'landing area' where you can prepare for the course, orientate yourself to the environment, and start to make links with others. 

Week 1 - Mobile Communication. This week is about communication using Moodle on mobile devices. We will explore aspects of Messaging, Forums, Chat, and other features, and you will have some practical tasks too.

Week 2 - Mobile Resources. Here we focus on the different resource types available in Moodle and explore which works best for mobile delivery, and why.

Week 3 - Moodle Activities. Understanding which Moodle activities work well in a mobile context is essential for teachers designing and delivering courses for mobile delivery.

Week 4 - Mobile Media. Few online courses are completely text based, so this week we look at a range of approaches to multimedia in mobile courses.

Open Badge, Certificate, and connections. Here you can download your Open Badge, and Certificate of Completion. It's also an opportunity for you to share your final thoughts, and make connections with others.

Some other quick facts about this course...
- Course fee = zero
- Duration = four weeks. 

- The Preparation area (refer to registration page) is where you can get orientated before the course, and start to make links with other participants if you wish.
- We anticipate it will take around 2-3 hours work per week to complete the course (depending on your prior experience and knowledge of Moodle).
- If you successfully complete the course you will be awarded with an Open Badge and Certificate verifying you completed the course with an official Moodle Partner that represents 10 hours study (useful for professional development purposes).

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