Registration for this Moodle Mobile MOOC is completely free, and very simple.

- Create a new account (a username and password) for this site.

- Join the Preparation area - you will require the enrolment key: mobilemoocen
PLEASE check the date of the next available course first !  If you can't enrol yet, simply bookmark the site, and put a reminder in your Calendar to join the Preparation area when it's available smile

- Once you have joined the Preparation area you will see a News and announcements Forum. This is used by the course team to communicate with everyone.

- There is also a general discussion forum where you can take part in discussions.

- There are also a number of resources and activities to help you "get ready" for the MOOC before it starts smile

Due to the unique nature of this event we reserve the right to limit numbers in any way required, and to decline registrations as necessary.
Last modified: Wednesday, 25 April 2018, 6:24 PM